Victoria Shroff

Victoria Shroff

Victoria Shroff has been practicing animal law for almost 20 years in Vancouver at Shroff & Associates. She is also erstwhile adjunct professor of animal law at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbiais frequently interviewed by media and has lectured widely on the topic. Ms. Shroff is founder of a social literacy and animal law program called 'Paws of Empathy.' You can connect with her at @shroffanimallaw , LinkedIn or

Wild animals, pets, and COVID-19

Pandemic began with animal cruelty in wet markets and continued to abuse of pets, says Victoria Shroff

Punky Santics: Canada’s death-row dog takes run at SCC

Animal rights lawyers appeal to highest court to halt dog's destruction

Keep the show bands but chuck the chuckwagons to end harm to animals at the Calgary Stampede

Keep the show bands but chuck the chuckwagons to end harm to animals at the Calgary Stampede

When I teach animal law this autumn at UBC law school, I will say that June 2019 was a very good month for animals in Canada. We made the country better for cetaceans by passing a bill to end cetaceans in captivity, tightened loopholes against bestiality and animal fighting and banned the import and export of shark fins, but like clockwork, we still have the Stampede every July.

Shark fin win for animal law

If you're still looking for proof that animal law is headline news in Canada or that our laws are starting to address animal protection, look no further than Ottawa.

Is it time for the rights of animals in Canada?

Women’s rights. Civil rights. Disability rights. What about rights for animals? Some people will neither like nor feel comfortable with the idea that we need to start thinking seriously about the rights of animals. Folks may say we still have problems with human rights and now you're suggesting we need to consider animals and their rights?