Naveen Mehta

Naveen Mehta

Naveen Mehta is general counsel to UFCW Canada, a member of Legal Leaders for Diversity and Inclusiveness and board member of the International Commission of Jurists and Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy. He is a sought-after diversity and inclusion strategist, facilitator and speaker with CulturWorks | Growth Strategies. He can be reached at [email protected] and @naveenpmehta.

Are our Canadian halos blinding some lawyers on the Statement of Principles?

We stand on guard for thee: Having a global superpower as Canada’s neighbour has obviously shaped us. It has heavily influenced how we feel about ourselves and the United States. The halo effect confines the brain to allow specific positive traits to positively influence the overall evaluation of a person, group, event or even a nation, beyond what we know.

Beyond affinity groups: intersectionality in diversity and inclusion strategies

What are the “best of the best” doing? Some of these organizations are moving “full steam ahead” on their quest to take off their organizational blinders on hiring, promotion, partnerships and staff retention. A select few use cutting-edge strategies to enhance workplace diversity.

Three essential steps for greater gender equity on your board

Picture it: The board is onboard. They have been swayed by the strong “business case” you put forward based on what I laid out in the first article I wrote on gender equity on boards.

More women on boards helps companies value and engage CSR

Innovation needs diversity

Most creative ideas do not come from ‘great thinkers’ toiling alone but from diverse teams. Some months back, I had an interaction with a partner at a Toronto mid-sized firm that went something like this...

More women on boards better for financial returns, CSR

‘Priming’ the legal brain for effective diversity & inclusion strategies