Stephen Mabey

Stephen Mabey

Stephen Mabey, is managing director of Applied Strategies, Inc., which has a long-term contract to provide the chief operating officer function to Atlantic Canada law firm Stewart McKelvey. As well, Applied Strategies works with only small to mid-sized law firms outside of Atlantic Canada providing strategic tactics planning, crisis management, organizational development, financial analysis, and private coaching to lawyers involved in law-firm management. He has written articles on law firm management that have been published in various legal industry periodicals.

Column: Definitely Mabey

The small-firm  advantage

The small-firm advantage

Lawyers at smaller firms are often better able to innovate than they think.

Pricing innovation

Law firms say they are innovating in how they charge clients, but the rubber has yet to hit the road. There is good news for law firm websites. There is a new series of non-differentiating phrases that can be used in conjunction with the existing ones.

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Client focused cost controls

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