Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia is VP Legal and General Counsel for Cargojet. His duties include providing strategic and legal advice on Canada-wide and international operations, labour relations and employment law and all general legal matters. He holds an MIR from the University of Toronto and LLB/BCL from McGill and recently completed an MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University. He specifically enjoys writing about current issues relating to the future of law and technology, diversity and inclusiveness, and providing career advice to recent calls, junior associates and inhouse counsel generally.

He can be reached by email.

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An expanded view of client interest

An expanded view of client interest

Fernando Garcia’s timeless lesson from labour-relations class

The value of leveraging your legal team

The value of leveraging your legal team

To be truly successful, a lawyer must create and develop a strong legal team

What legal and business professionals can learn from the NBA champs

On June 13, 2019, the unthinkable happened: The Toronto Raptors became NBA champions. This was historic, as no Canadian NBA team had ever achieved this feat before. Throughout the year, but especially into the playoff run, the entire country came together to support this team. On the victory day, close to three million fans took to the streets to celebrate. However, apart from the wonderful sporting spectacle and achievement, the Raptor’s 2019 season also holds very important strategic-leadership lessons for us as business and legal professionals.

Can you be your authentic self?

Who are you? No really, who are you? More importantly, who are you when you are at work, in social environments, in networking environments and, most importantly, when you finally get home and you get into your pyjamas? These are just some of the points we spoke about at Leading Change: Leadership Development Bootcamp for Racialized Lawyers, held May 16 in Toronto.

How to make the most out of in-house opportunities

So, here are a few tips and lessons that I take from my experience, with the hope that it can assist junior associates and in-house counsel looking to boost their profile or become increasingly involved in initiatives within the legal profession:

Practise in-house or in private practice?

I was recently part of a panel at the 3rd Annual Disruption in Legal Practice program at Osgoode Hall Law School. In discussing the changing legal practice, our panel was asked an interesting question which, at first blush, seemed simple and straight forward to answer. Upon reflection, the response became detailed and complex. The question was: how does the role of in house counsel differ from a private practice lawyer (within this group I include lawyers in mid-to-large-size law firms and boutique law firms) and which unique skills are needed to succeed in the in-house role? The old rule applies, that if one person asks, there are many others with the same question.

Our common struggle: celebrating women in governance

On Feb. 20, I attended the Women in Governance Annual Recognition Gala. This was a celebration of public companies that made a commitment and achieved at least 30 per cent female representation within their boards. It was inspirational to hear about the shared experiences and the strategic business decisions that drove these companies to make a commitment to actively promote equity within their governance board.

Twists and turns – How to steer a law career toward your goals

On Jan. 25, a new batch of recent graduates was called to the bar. This is an unforgettable moment in the life of a law student as they become part of what is seen (by most people) as a noble profession that stands as the guardian for justice and equity in our society. This also marks the start of their working career.

New skill-enhancing models to become tomorrow's lawyer in 2019

Similarly, in our profession, forward thinking lawyers stand to benefit the most from the fundamental changes that are taking place within our legal profession.