Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia has over 15 years of experience as a General Counsel. His practice has included providing strategic and legal advice on Canada-wide and international operations, labour relations and employment law and all general legal matters. He holds an MIR from the University of Toronto and LLB/BCL from McGill and recently completed an MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University. He specifically enjoys writing about current issues relating to the future of law and technology, diversity and inclusiveness, and providing career advice to recent calls, junior associates and inhouse counsel generally.

He can be reached by email.

Legal employers can't go back to normal

Legal employers can't go back to normal

After the pandemic disruption, workers now expect firms to invest in, empower, and encourage them

Working from home is a career killer for lawyers

Working from home is a career killer for lawyers

Relationships are crucial in the legal profession. They develop the best face to face, writes GC Fernando Garcia

Don’t let imposter syndrome defeat you

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Advice I would give myself as a law student

Law school won’t always look pretty or feel comfortable, but hang on, advises Fernando Garcia

Education – including for law students – could use a reboot

“We’ve always done it this way” is a recipe for pigeonholing students, argues Fernando Garcia

Time for change

There are many ways in which lawyers can move the needle toward inclusion, says Fernando Garcia

Working in the age of coronavirus introduces “new normal”

One’s situation – in office, working from home, laid off – will dictate strategy, says Fernando Garcia

Spending the pandemic alone time pondering your career trajectory? Join a board

Joining a board can enhance one’s career without changing jobs, writes Fernando Garcia

Controlling costs is part of lawyers’ mandate

In-house and external counsel have duty to clients to keep costs down, says Fernando Garcia

Marketing partner forum provides insights into strategic focus for law firms

‘Ancillary support services’ can no longer be sustainably performed by law firms, says Fernando Garcia