Gary Goodwin

Gary Goodwin

Gary Goodwin takes a whimsical look at the serious, not so serious, and sometimes completely random issues facing the law profession today. He is in-house counsel for a conservation organization, and since he would like to keep it that way, all expressed opinions are strictly his own. He appears to collect degrees as a hobby and has a BSc from Victoria majoring in Marine Biology. In addition to his law degree and MBA, he recently completed his LLM from London England emphasizing natural resources and international economic regulation. Really. He can be followed on Twitter at @GaryWGoodwin

It’s not so much about delayed gratification as putting first things first

You likely have enough grain stored away for the winter, so leave time for a bit of a dance

Lessons in failure

You haven't really failed if you haven't stopped trying, writes Gary Goodwin

COVID-19 contact tracing

Maintaining a safe workplace supersedes an employee’s right to privacy, writes Gary Goodwin

‘Covida loco’ brings revelations to law firms

Retaining some traditional office structure is advisable for fostering innovation, writes Gary Goodwin

Never let a good crisis go to waste

COVID-19 may help to upend the way law is practised, says Gary Goodwin

“Sell me this pen!”

Lawyers need to show potential clients the solutions to their needs, argues Gary Goodwin

Stealth employees

In-house counsel need to exercise extra scrutiny for stealth staff, says Gary Goodwin

Speak up for yourself

Put the force of your convictions towards a course of action and don’t be ambivalent, advises Gary Goodwin

A glass of Christmas cheer with that ad?

New Gin commercial may run afoul of CRTC’s guidelines, argues Gary Goodwin

Better lawyer training means better lawyers

Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education plans to roll out new Practice Readiness Education Program, says Gary Goodwin