Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung is an associate at Fleck Law. He is the CLE liaison for the sole, small firm and general practice section of the Ontario Bar Association. He will be tackling issues facing sole and small firms. He can be reached by email.

Working remotely during the pandemic, and beyond

There are many strategies firms can put in place to keep employee morale high

WIP, taxes and better billing practices

Choose a billing method for a client and be consistent, writes Kevin Cheung

Boosting search engine rankings for lawyers

Good online presence is all the more important while personal networking is restricted

Attracting your ideal clients through targeted marketing

Benefits include better client engagement and opportunities for new service areas

Paying and billing for legal services during tough times

Disregarding today’s cost-sensitive market will result in losing legal work, writes Kevin Cheung

What Clio’s COVID-19 Impact Research Briefing tells us about the legal market

June survey results shine a light on what law firms might be doing better, says Kevin Cheung

Revamping your workflow with tech solutions

New tech products should address ‘pain points’ in office processes, writes Kevin Cheung

Fixing poor cybersecurity habits

Remote work makes us more vulnerable, making good computer hygiene more important, says Kevin Cheung

Words of caution for lawyers using Zoom

Don’t abandon standard protective measures when signing up for any online account, says Kevin Cheung

Planning for crisis events

Proper contingency planning can help ensure a firm is prepared for business disruption