Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung is an associate at Fleck Law. He is the CLE liaison for the sole, small firm and general practice section of the Ontario Bar Association. He will be tackling issues facing sole and small firms. He can be reached by email.

Planning for crisis events

Proper contingency planning can help ensure a firm is prepared for business disruption

Making meaningful changes to the physical workplace can improve wellbeing

A recently published study shows a healthier physical work environment makes for happier workers

Toward a climate-conscious law office

Small changes can make a big difference, says Kevin Cheung

The ongoing battle against data breaches

Lawyers should review their data and fraud protection strategies regularly, argues Kevin Cheung

How AI is shaking up legal practice

Displacement of junior lawyers at large firms could be a boon to smaller firms

Start your contingency planning with a risk assessment

Start your contingency planning with a risk assessment

Especially for sole practitioners and small firms, evaluating risk is an essential aspect of contingency planning

Overcoming staff resistance to firm changes

Overcoming staff resistance to firm changes

Kevin Cheung on how small-to-mid-sized firms can implement change effectively

Reducing the risk of ransomware attacks

The recent and alarming spate of high profile ransomware attacks against government entities and courthouses in the United States, should be a reminder for law firms to maintain vigilance in protecting computer networks and client data.

Applying diversity and inclusion to small firms

Diversity and inclusion have been trending for several years and have exploded recently. More than ever, the spotlight is on what law firms are doing to advance diversity and inclusion in the profession.

Burnout redefined by the World Health Organization

Burnout, whether your own or your staff's, drains productivity. It reduces efficiency and increases absenteeism and presenteeism (working while sick). One of the problems with burnout is that many of us only have a vague sense of what it is, if we recognize it at all.