Neill May

Neill May

Neill May is a partner at Goodmans LLP in Toronto focusing on securities law, with an emphasis on M&A and corporate finance. The opinions expressed in his articles are those of the author alone.

He can be reached by email.

Sandbagging: When parties to M&A deals press their advantage by exaggerating their weaknesses

Why this tactic is likely to endure as an issue in acquisition negotiations

Restricting restrictive covenants

Ontario has proposed a general prohibition on employers having non-compete agreements with employees

Ontario's removal of residency rules for directors are small changes with a big impact

Requirement was out of step with other jurisdictions and imposed a hurdle for foreign businesses

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Rotman School of Management report addresses breadth of issues facing corporate boards of directors

Contract drafting in good faith times

A recent decision answered the question of when not volunteering information becomes impermissible

Pandemic-era M&A disputes

US and Canadian decisions on purchases aborted due to COVID reached very different conclusions

Family corporations walk on eggshells

Remedy in self-dealing case removes father from his position of control over family holding company

What is a sophisticated investor?

Scope of the accredited investor exemption is often a focus of academic and regulatory consideration

The meaning of corporate life

Business Roundtable statement on the corporation’s purpose heightens focus on corporate objectives

Corporate and other redemptions

Use of corporate cash to fund redemptions can raise questions about priorities, fiduciary