Richard Stock

Richard Stock
Richard G. Stock, M.A., FCIS, CMC is a partner with Catalyst Consulting. The firm has been advising corporate and government law departments across North America and abroad since 1996.
The effective law department

The effective law department

Richard Stock explains why innovation and delivering results are hallmarks of leading law departments

Influencing the demand for legal services

Gone are the days when conference programs featured sessions on the value of the law department. General counsel explained why business units should be encouraged to call on their lawyers more regularly, and definitely earlier, in the conduct of business.

The five pillars of performance for the legal department

Innovation a hot topic at CCCA conference

I recently attended the National Conference of the CCCA. Unsurprisingly, there were several sessions that dealt with some aspect of innovation in legal services.

Beyond the basics

Most legal software companies and specialty consulting firms populating the legal services universe will release white papers from time to time to raise their profiles and announce new products and services. Quovant (formerly Legal Bill) is a Nashville-based company offering software solutions, data analytics and advisory services to both law firms and corporate law departments.

Annual Altman Weil CLO survey provides insights into how in-house are spending their time

Altman Weil has produced the Annual Chief Legal Officer Survey since 2000. The 2018 findings were recently released. CLOs and GCs do not find enough time to read their trade literature. Some of the highlights found in the 8-page summary are noteworthy.