Simone Hughes

Simone Hughes

Simone Hughes is a passionate leader and finds innovative, visionary, actionable, people-engaging and profitable solutions to challenges in most areas of a law firm including strategy, leadership, brand, culture, professional development, operations, marketing, business development and communications. She lectures at University of Calgary’s Law School and is currently welcoming ideas for her next career move. 

She can be reached by email.

How to position yourself and your practice - Many can talk about the importance; few can help you figure it out

Heather Suttie, another Canadian Lawyer blogger and recognized industry thought leader on global legal markets and trends, started the conversation last month on the business value of proper positioning. I will continue the conversation this month with practical help on how anyone can jump right in and try it.

Make it count, reboot

Parting is such sweet sorrow: Saying goodbye to Make It Count

As Juliet bids Romeo good night until the night turns into the morrow, so I bid you all adieu until the next time we connect. This is my last online column with Canadian Lawyer!

Leadership is marketable

Just do an online search for “top leadership attributes” and you will find more than eight million results. Then try searching for “top leadership attributes of a poor leader” and you will get more than 96 million results!

’Tis the season to turn event interactions into easy opportunities

The event season is upon us, providing us with a deluge of human interactions. Imagine if every interaction led to a future business opportunity.

How did they sell me that car? By asking more questions, you can find solutions to people’s needs and close the deal

I stumbled on some photos of my first car last week — a British Leyland Motor Corporation (not BMW) Mini in British Racing [AKA bright] Green. In my cherished memories, that car was my best friend, my badge of independence, my freedom, my proof of being grown up, my ticket to popularity, my pride and my joy.

Is dark social helping or hindering your referrals?

Dark social is the online equivalent of traditional word-of-mouth communicating. Word of mouth is an essential component in legal referrals. Can you really understand how clients come to you or who influences them?

It is never too early to learn marketing and business development

Including marketing and business development skills into your early professional legal education program increases your odds of success in your legal career.

You ARE a gifted business developer

You do have that natural gift if you look at business development as mitigating clients’ risks, resolving conflicts and providing solutions. Didn’t you go into law to help people and organizations? The BMW and Rolex are nice, too — but isn’t the mission of a lawyer to prevent and resolve conflict for people? Isn’t it a lawyer’s responsibility to advocate effectively for those who cannot?

Keeping business development simple