Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is a franchising and IP lawyer at Boughton Law in Vancouver and an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University and Thompson Rivers University Law School. He is a regular business law columnist with The Globe and Mail and is an elected bencher of the Law Society of British Columbia. The views expressed in his columns are strictly his own and do not reflect the opinions of the Law Society of British Columbia, its members or any other organization.

Dyatlov, Fomin and Bryukhanov LLP: One way to watch HBO’s Chernobyl.

Arguably, the best television series of the past 20 years isn't about dragons, New Jersey gangsters (and their psychiatrists) or high school science teachers in the meth business. It's about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986.

The ban on surreptitiously recording conversations must apply to all lawyers

Under Section 7.2(3) of the B.C. Code of Professional Conduct, a lawyer is prohibited from using any device to record a conversation between the lawyer and a client or another lawyer even if lawful, without first informing the other person of the intention to do so. The language is virtually identical for lawyers in Ontario and other provinces and a breach of this rule is a breach of a lawyer’s ethical duties and could conceivably lead to a fine, or in very extreme cases, suspension or disbarment.

What has caused the measles outbreak in Vancouver? A virus and The Dunning-Kruger effect

A childhood disease that was virtually eradicated in much of the world has made a comeback in B.C. The disease is measles, and complications include pneumonia, deafness, seizures, brain damage and death.

Feed the trolls

It’s more important than ever for lawyers to enter the online fray when someone has their facts wrong.

Giving thanks (sort of) - Canadian politics, from a west-coast vantage point

The weather has given me cause for thanks during the six-week interregnum between Canadian and American Thanksgivings.

Pipelines and fairy dust: The federal government acquires the Kinder Morgan pipeline assets and changes the game

For anyone living in British Columbia and Alberta over the past nine months, it's clear that the civil war between the two provinces over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline had to be resolved.

An (Imaginary) Dear John Letter

First off, John, neither the B.C. government nor any municipal government has the right to delay the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. That pipeline expansion has been approved by the federal government. Moreover, B.C. does not have the right to determine what sort of petroleum product is shipped in the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline. Your action to delay the Trans Mountain construction is unconstitutional.

Site C: B.C.'s damn dam

Everyone in B.C. would agree that The Big News this December was the final approval to keep building the Site C Hydroelectric Dam on the Peace River near Fort St. John.

Modern Educayshun: Mao, Orwell and Kafka at Wilfrid Laurier University

It may sound trite, but university should be a place where young adults fresh out of high school can discover themselves, their passions and their place in the world, while at the same time meeting different people, exploring different ideas and learning how to think critically.

With friends like these . . . Connecting the dots between Boeing, Bombardier and Big Macs

To better appreciate the current dispute between Bombardier and Boeing, you have to know something about hamburgers. Specifically, you have to watch The Founder, where Michael Keaton plays McDonald's franchise founder Ray Kroc, strong-arming the McDonald brothers out of their restaurant concept, their business system and their name.