US law firm launches program to prepare lawyers for in-house roles

The program offers career development for lawyers transitioning to corporate counsel roles

US law firm launches program to prepare lawyers for in-house roles

Husch Blackwell, a law firm based in the U.S., announced the launch of HB In-House, a professional development program designed to provide lawyers with a comprehensive understanding of in-house roles.

The program aims to enhance the firm's ability to serve its clients effectively and offer career development opportunities for lawyers interested in transitioning to corporate counsel positions.

The inaugural HB In-House program will commence this summer and run from June through September. The curriculum is structured to offer lawyers an in-depth view of their clients' roles and responsibilities while equipping those interested in moving in-house with the tools necessary for a successful transition.

“By teaching our lawyers about the needs of in-house legal departments and helping them develop the necessary skills, we ensure a smooth transition should any of our attorneys move in-house, enabling them to make a significant contribution from day one,” said Joe Glynias, Husch Blackwell’s chair and architect of the HB In-House program. “Additionally, this program helps our attorneys understand how corporate legal departments function, ultimately making them better partners to our clients.”

Chief client officer Angela Quinn highlighted the program's uniqueness, stating, “There is nothing like this in the marketplace right now. It is another example of our uncommon approach to running a law firm and serving our clients and our people. We recognize that not everyone wants to follow the traditional partner track. This program ensures we train our lawyers to grow by providing varied career opportunities. We are already a top supplier of in-house talent, and we see this as a great service to our clients as we train future generations of in-house talent.”

HB In-House was developed in collaboration with some of the firm’s clients, who will actively participate in the program as faculty and mentors. “We are fortunate to have such committed partners, and we know there are countless more who will team with us as the program progresses,” Glynias said. Over 25 clients contributed to the development of the curriculum, which includes three main components: education, training, and coaching.

Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of in-house lawyers, the structure of legal teams, and the differences between private practice and in-house legal work. This foundational knowledge aims to help lawyers assess if an in-house position aligns with their career goals. The training series will cover essential topics such as understanding a company’s business and how legal departments support business goals, managing budgets, comprehending key financial statements, assessing and managing risks, building relationships, and developing leadership skills. Participants will engage in practical exercises to apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

Lawyers will also have access to various coaching programs, including individual coaching, coaching cohorts, and mentorship from in-house advisors. Participants may also have the opportunity to participate in a secondment.

“Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and this program exemplifies how we work with them to deliver better service,” said Glynias.

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