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Conduit Law announces venture with Radiant Law

|Written By Jennifer Brown
Conduit Law announces venture with Radiant Law
Conduit Law founder Peter Carayiannis says the joint venture with Radiant is 'not a law firm.'

With its sights set on the U.S. market and nine months after leaving Deloitte LLP, Conduit Law has announced a joint venture with new law pioneer U.K.-based Radiant Law.

ConRad will help North American companies negotiate commercial contracts.

“In-house counsel across North America are facing a complex set of challenges, which is ultimately driving demand for more flexible and value-driven legal support,” said Conduit founder Peter Carayiannis. “I hear every day from local, national and international organizations who want to join the conversation about new approaches to taming contracts and increasing their capacity to focus on business priorities.The opportunity to work with Radiant Law immediately enhances our ability to explore a new model for meeting their needs and to serve these clients. In addition to helping clients, it has been terrific to work with a like-minded team of professionals in the London and Cape Town offices of Radiant.”

When Carayiannis announced last October his plans to re-establish Conduit Law and become more “agile” in dealing with client matters, he indicated he felt he could “scale more rapidly as an independent firm.”

In creating the jointly owned U.S. entity ConRad, Carayiannis says it is “not a law firm” and will be supervised by clients’ legal teams as part of the joint venture.

Based in Toronto, Conduit Law has been delivering on-demand legal services since 2012. Radiant Law, based in London and Cape Town, works with some of the world’s largest brands and banks to help them "achieve greater value through their commercial contracts."

“We know in-house counsel are under increasing pressure not only to do more for less but do better for less and demonstrate how legal is delivering business value. Meanwhile, the legal services ecosystem is diversifying at an exponential rate. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Conduit Law to develop solutions for the North America market and for European clients with overseas operations,” said Alex Hamilton, founder and CEO of Radiant Law.

“We’re already jointly delivering a support program for a global financial services giant where Conduit is enabling us to provide 24-hour coverage. I believe the combination of Conduit’s top-quality team located in the North American time zones with Radiant’s proven technology and service approach will offer something really compelling to legal teams looking to speed up their contracting and deliver the best outcomes to their business.”




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