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Cassels Brock sets up corporate counsel education hub

|Written By Andi Balla

Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP has set up a web portal for Canadian corporate counsel, designed to provide one-stop access to its educational resources.


The business firm’s Corporate Counsel Bulletin Board contains presentation materials, newsletter articles, practice management tips, and other reference materials the firm feels could help in-house lawyers.

The bulletin board also allows visitors to check out and sign up for upcoming educational events.

Access to the materials on the site is open and free, though direct contact with the firm is required to sign up to attend educational seminars.

Other large full-service business firms provide similar information on their web sites, however Cassels Brock’s delivery method appears to be innovative in terms of bringing it all together in one place.

The site is built in clear sections and the search functions works fairly well. Articles also appear to be shorter and more concise to deal with a web audience.

“This new web portal further exemplifies the strong commitment by Cassels Brock to continuous improvement as it relates to the quality and accessibility of information and resources shared with clients,” the firm says about the new site.




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