David and Goliath: Addressing the enduring challenges of suing doctors and hospitals

When it comes to legal cases, few areas are more challenging and unique than medical and hospital malpractice litigation.

This free and comprehensive webinar takes a deep dive into the finer details of medical malpractice litigation, the challenges involved, and provides practical trial tips to help lawyers, paralegals and law clerks navigate the complex landscape. Gain first-hand insights from experienced trial lawyers at Bogoroch & Associates on recent case law, timely and topical issues, jury considerations, and so much more. Watch now and gain essential insights on:

  • The costs, expenses, and challenges surrounding medical malpractice litigation
  • Role of the expert witness and preventing expert bias
  • Requirements of informed consent
  • Tackling misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and failure to diagnose cases
  • The future of medical malpractice litigation
  • Scope of admissible evidence for non-party or participant experts

This is the perfect webinar for any legal professionals wanting to gain expert insights on medical malpractice litigation and navigating common problems. Don’t miss out, watch the free webinar today.