Fiduciaries - Administering Assets in a Digital and Modern World

On June 12th, estate litigation experts Kimberly A. Whaley and Ian Hull were joined by Jeff Kehoe, Director of Enforcement at the Ontario Securities Commission, and Leigh Sager, Barrister and author of “The Digital Estate”, for an informative, free, and exclusive webinar.

The one-hour session featured a panel type discussion, touching on recent developments, current trends and complex issues surrounding fiduciary duties and administering assets in the context of estate and trust law.

The discussion focused on the basics of Crypto law, unique challenges relating to FTX for fiduciaries, and the role of the fiduciary when there are regulatory investigations into assets and conduct.

Watch the full webinar now and gain expert insights from Kimberly Whaley and Ian Hull on:

  • The nature of fiduciary duties and responsibilities: Delegation of duties, failure to supervise, exercise of discretion, the duty to maintain an even hand between beneficiaries
  • Conflicts of interest that may arise
  • Bequests to minors
  • In specie distributions
  • Charitable beneficiaries: the Cy-pres Doctrine
  • Security and investments
  • The trustee’s duties
  • Duties owed to 3rd parties
  • Duties of guardians and attorneys

You will also hear from expert guest speakers Jeff Kehoe and Leigh Sager as they facilitate discussions about:

  • The basics of Crypto Law in the context of Estates and Trusts
  • The role of the fiduciary
  • Unique issues relating to FTX for fiduciaries
  • The role of the fiduciary when there are regulatory investigations into assets and/or conduct