Neinstein's Rose Leto talks recovery, relationships, and results

The firm was recently named one of the top personal injury boutiques in annual survey

Rose Leto, partner at Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers, speaks to Canadian Lawyer. The firm was recently been named one of the top personal injury boutiques in Canadian Lawyer’s annual survey, and Leto discusses what it is about the firm that got them on the list once again in 2022: their dedication to their core values of recovery, relationships, and results.

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Stephanie: [00:00:21] Welcome to Canadian lawyer TV. I'm Stephanie Matties and today we're joined by Rose Leto partner at Neinstein personal injury lawyers. Welcome, Rose. Nice to have you with us.

Rose: [00:00:33] Thank you very much. Happy to be here. 

Stephanie: [00:00:35] Now,Neinstein was recently named one of Canadian lawyers top personal injury boutiques. Can you tell us a little bit about Neinstein's personal ethos and approach? What sets you apart? 

Rose: [00:00:46] Thank you for that. So at Neinstein, we really tried to hone in on what our core values are, and we've been able to enumerate a number of them. We work hard to cultivate strong relationships and partnerships, and that's relationships with our clients, with colleagues, and with the recovery and rehab team. We are practical problem solvers. We find solutions to challenging problems for our clients. We also consider ourselves empathetic advisors. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, and the next one is we're subject matter experts, both in the area of personal injury law and medical malpractice law. And lastly, we roll up our sleeves and we do what we need to do to get the job done. And together we like to coin. These are three uniques. We focus on recovery, relationships and results. Everything we do at Neinstein is to put ourselves in line with these values. We use our compassion. We do everything it takes to get and serve our clients, the people we have around us, the people we work with, the relationships we build. They're all uniform in these values, and our ultimate goal is to work hard, using these values to transform the lives of the catastrophically injured people we work with. 

Stephanie: [00:02:12] Recovery, relationships and results. Interesting. In addition to this, can you tell us a little bit more about what contributes to the ranking for Neinstein as one of the top Canadian personal injury boutiques? 

Rose: [00:02:25] Yeah, I think it's a combination of factors, right. Number one, were problem solvers from the inception from day one. We always have that problem solving cap on to do what we can for our clients. But number two, we are trial ready. In the last few months, our firm has done five trials, almost all virtually, and we have a full calendar set for the next year. And being the subject matter experts that we are, we could take on these complex issues specifically in the area of medical malpractice. And third, we're at the forefront of challenging and changing law and policy. We care very much about our clients and doing what is right. And we put all of our values behind that. 

Stephanie: [00:03:15] In addition to being one of the top personal injury boutiques, are there any other wins, accomplishments or achievements that you'd like to touch on? 

Rose: [00:03:23] At Neinstein, we have an amazing team. On top of being ranked the top personal injury boutique, we have five lawyers that are ranked best lawyers, six Lexpert ranked lawyers. Many of our lawyers are on the Martin Hubbell ranked 50% of our partners are female. And currently right now we have an all female trial team in Alberta dealing with a significant medical malpractice injury. Our retention rate is amazing. 67% of our lawyers join the firm. As students. We are a home grown operation, and when it comes to wins, we've had two trial victories in the last year with judgments to the plaintiffs approximating $20 million. These are complex medical malpractice matters, catastrophic brain injuries, devastating birth injuries. And our lawyers have succeeded both at trial and advancing those cases quickly and expeditiously. 

Stephanie: [00:04:30] What challenges are you seeing in your practice? How is Neinstein adapting or approaching them? 

Rose: [00:04:36] Maintaining a work culture in a hybrid environment is a bit of a challenge and we're working hard to facilitate this and maintain our competitive advantage. Covid has been hard both while we were living it and going through it, but the aftermath is still challenging and we have been there for our employees in a variety of ways. We offered a hybrid workspace. We engaged in employee assistance program to allow our staff to access health care benefits. We sponsored a gym membership program. We are available to our staff to work with them together, moving forward towards a common goal. 

Stephanie: [00:05:16] And finally, what are your plans going forward? What's next for New Neinstein? 

Rose: [00:05:21] So at Neinstein. We're continuing to build on our history of success, and that means retaining the talent we have from within, building our support structure, continuing to advocate for our clients both day to day and in trial. And at the same time, our goal is to move our matters along quickly. The most expeditious resolution that we can for our clients and adapt in whatever way we need to. We're not afraid to put in the hard work. We have a history of success and using our core values, we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. We're prepared to put in the work. And so while we continue to shift and evolve, we do so by maintaining that core and those three unique features of our firm, building on our relationships, achieving those results for our clients, and prioritizing the client's recovery. All of this with a goal of transforming the lives of catastrophically injured clients and maintaining our status as a top personal injury and medical malpractice law firm. 

Stephanie: [00:06:32] Thanks so much, Rose. It's been great hearing about the reasons for your wins plans for the future. Thanks for the insight. 

Rose: [00:06:38] Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure to chat with you. 

Stephanie: [00:06:42] I'm Stephanie Matteis. Thank you for watching Canadian Lawyer TV.