Personal injury law mentoring at Bogoroch & Associates

Associate Alexandra Roman describes learning the ropes under the leadership of senior lawyers

Associate lawyer Alexandra Roman of Bogoroch & Associates LLP explains the importance of mentoring and being mentored when developing a practice to help give clients the best possible access to justice when they are hurt due to an auto accident, medical malpractice or other forms of negligence. The law firm was named one of Canadian Lawyer's top personal injury boutiques in its annual survey.

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Brody: [00:00:21] I'm Brodie Lawson, and I am thrilled to be joined by Alexandra Roman, an associate with Bogoroch & Associates. Now, the firm has been named among the top personal injury boutiques in Canadian Lawyers annual survey. And we're here to talk about mentoring and how the senior lawyers at Bogoroch & Associates are helping a new generation become skilled in the area of personal injury law. Welcome, Alexandra. We're thrilled to have you.

Alexandra: [00:00:48] Thank you very much. 

Brody: [00:00:50] So please tell us a little bit about your background and how you became a personal injury lawyer. 

Alexandra: [00:00:58] So I completed my law degree at Osgoode, and while at Osgoode I gravitated towards advocacy, I found myself drawn to opportunities for practical hands on engagement and advocacy and had the opportunity to participate in an excellent clinical program and appear before various administrative tribunals. Overall, I wanted to pursue a career in litigation that would provide access to justice for my clients. Personal injury and medical malpractice fits squarely within those interests. On one hand, personal injury allows for young lawyers at an early stage in their career to gain hands on experience and exposure to various aspects of litigation. And at the heart of personal injury is access to justice. A fundamental aspect of litigating personal injury cases and medical malpractise cases is to ensure that our clients get access to justice whose their lives have been tremendously derailed as a result of accident or medical negligence. 

Brody: [00:02:07] That's so interesting. Thank you. So what is it about personal injury law that you like? 

Alexandra: [00:02:13] So as I mentioned, at the forefront of personal injury is a determination to get access to justice for our clients. The outcome has such a direct, profound and real impact on our clients lives, on the quality of their lives when we reach a negotiated settlement or go to trial. It is extremely fulfilling to see the real impact on our clients lives. In addition, personal injury allows for such a wide variety of interesting cases with unique facts, which in turn give rise to complex legal issues. I've had a chance to work on such interesting and diverse cases. I've worked on shootings, personal injuries arising from balcony railings collapsing, personal injuries arising from revolving glass doors which have shattered. I've worked on motor vehicle accidents with very complex liability. Overall, I am always learning and that is very important to me. 

Brody: [00:03:19] Let's talk a little bit about mentoring now. What role do the senior lawyers play in mentoring young lawyers and providing exposure to all aspects of litigation in the practice of personal injury law? 

Alexandra: [00:03:32] Sure. Bogoroch & Associates is a teaching firm. The senior partners commitment to teaching and developing and mentoring young lawyers is unparalleled. Senior lawyers have taught me and other junior lawyers extensively their goal is to train, to teach, to develop and to give opportunities to young lawyers. Young lawyers are always encouraged to participate, to be fully participating. They have an integral role in an input and litigation strategy at every juncture, at the discovery process, at mediation, at trial. And their input is welcomed. It's encouraged and it's taken seriously. As a student, when I joined Bogoroch & Associates and then as a lawyer, I was immediately immersed in all aspects of litigation and preparation for examinations, for discovery, preparation for mediations and trials. But the most effective aspect from a development perspective is that I didn't only have the opportunity to participate by preparing, but I had the opportunity to attend and conduct examinations for Discovery. I had the opportunity to prepare and conduct mediation with supervision and training and direction. Of course, the senior partners at Bogoroch really provide real hands on experience to young lawyers. 

Brody: [00:05:01] And can you share an example of a really interesting case you've worked on?

Alexandra: [00:05:05] Medical malpractice cases are always interesting. In my opinion. Medical malpractice is one of the most complex and difficult areas of litigation. On one hand, the medicine is interesting and complex and on the other hand, the development of the law, particularly with respect to causation, has progressed such that plaintiffs have an uphill battle. Medical malpractice litigation allows for opportunities to develop the law. So the development of the law in this area is a key consideration for Bogoroch & Associates. I find medical malpractice litigation particularly fascinating because I get to engage with the academic aspect of the law, medical malpractice law. And on the other hand, I get to engage in complex, difficult litigation. So the practical component as well. 

Brody: [00:06:00] What would you like people who have been injured and want to pursue a lawsuit know about the process? How do you prepare your clients for what lies ahead? 

Alexandra: [00:06:11] Sure. I would encourage people to seek legal advice and representation promptly. There are significant delays today in the civil justice system, especially due to the COVID pandemic. So moving litigation expeditiously is crucial at Bogoroch & Associates to provide access to justice for our clients. We litigate cases expeditiously. We commence litigation early. We move to Discovery's mediations, pretrial and trial in a timely way. Access to justice is important, and the way we achieve that is by moving litigation. And as quickly as possible so that we get results. We get compensation for our clients in a timely way. 

Brody: [00:06:55] We've been talking with Alexandra Roman, an associate at personal injury law firm Bogoroch and Associates. The firm has been named among the top personal injury boutiques in Canadian Lawyers annual survey. Thank you, Alexandra. We're looking forward to what else is in store for you and wish you the best of luck. 

Alexandra: [00:07:15] Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure. 

Brody: [00:07:18] And thank you for watching Canadian Lawyer TV.