The Role of Medical Experts in an Estates Practice

Watch estate litigation experts Ian M. Hull and Kimberly A. Whaley in this exclusive webinar as they take a deep dive into the role of medical experts in an estates practice and address common red flags.

Gain expert insights on:

  • Legal issues related to capacity and undue influence.
  • Societal context and demographics.
  • Decisional capacity.
  • The role of the medical expert witness and how to use expert at trial.
  • Retrospective assessment.
  • Identifying the signs of an individual vulnerable to undue influence or lacking testamentary capacity, and so much more.

Acquire best practices from Bryan Gilmartin, Partner at WEL Partners, and Dr. Ken Shulman who discusses psychiatric conditions that can affect capacity and vulnerability to undue influence. Don’t miss out on this highly informative session - watch the free webinar now.