Credit card authorization forms help set lawyers and clients up for success

LawPay constantly seeking ways to reduce friction in payment process

Credit card authorization forms help set lawyers and clients up for success

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If you ask Annie Hinners, Brand Manager for LawPay, the mission is simple: to provide the best online payment solution for the legal industry. That’s the motivation behind LawPay, a solution that allows lawyers to accept, manage and integrate payments seamlessly.

“Getting paid shouldn’t be difficult, and our ultimate goal is to reduce friction in that process,” Hinners says.

To that end, LawPay is offering a free Credit Card Authorization Form Kit. The kit contains two sample authorization forms from LawPay: the first covers client authorizations, while the second form covers authorizations for friends and family members who are paying on behalf of clients. The forms allows lawyers to charge client credit cards faster and easier, and for a group of professionals who generally want facts and no fluff, the forms help them to feel more prepared than ever for all possible eventualities related to fees, billing, and payments.

One of the most common reasons that lawyers hesitate to implement credit cards is because of potential chargeback issues and payment disputes. Used during client intake, credit card authorization forms allow the lawyer to secure, in writing, not only an agreement to pay now and in the future, but also confirmation from the client that they understand and agree to any charge and refund policies. This goes a long way toward preventing the headache of payment disputes down the road, and sets the lawyer and their client up for success.

“The language in your fee agreement matters, how you lay out your billing procedures matters and clients want transparency,” Hinners says. “This kit helps lawyers identify the most critical areas of their fee agreement, as well as providing suggested language for the same.”

It’s about helping customers succeed, Hinners notes, and “we knew these forms would benefit our customers — in fact, this kit is our highest downloaded asset year-over-year.”

“We are more than just a payment processor for lawyers; we go above and beyond to deliver the best, most hands-on, IOLTA-compliant solution for legal professionals while delivering valuable experiences like monthly CLEs, educational materials and 5-star customer support to enhance your firms processes.”

To find out more about the Credit Card Authorization Form Kit and secure easily customizable sample templates, download the kit for free.

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