Bennett Jones, Adair Goldblatt Bieber continue to act in $4-billion commercial case

Miller Thomson appears in six commercial list suits this week, Goodmans in five

Bennett Jones, Adair Goldblatt Bieber continue to act in $4-billion commercial case

Partners from Bennett Jones LLP and Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP advised parties in a multibillion-dollar case, while lawyers from Moldaver Barristers and Aird & Berlis acted for parties in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

The most notable commercial case this week was the $4.445-billion case Sakab Saudi Holding Company et al v Saad Khalid S Al Jabri et al. Here, Bennett Jones LLP partner Amanda McLachlan represented Sakab Saudi Holding Company and eight other plaintiffs. Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP partner John Adair acted for a defendant. The other defendants appeared to be unrepresented.

The next most notable commercial case was the $110-million case Heinrich et al v Aird & Berlis LLP. Here, Moldaver Barristers lawyer Brett Moldaver advised SIF Solar Energy Income & Growth Fund and 19 other plaintiffs. Lerners LLP partner William Pepall assisted defendant Aird & Berlis LLP.

Miller Thomson LLP appeared in six cases this week.

John Chapman, partner, represented defendant BHP International Markets Limited (a Bahamian corporation) in Jiang v BHP International Markets Limited (a Bahamian corporation) et al. He is a corporate and commercial litigator who handles contract disputes and shareholder remedies.

Nafisah Chowdhury, partner, acted for the applicant in Carrie Arran Resources Inc. She focuses her practice on commercial and employment litigation.

F. Paul Morrison, partner, advised M.S. Khalid Family Trust and three other plaintiffs in Khalid, as beneficiary of the M.S. Khalid Family Trust et al v Icici Bank Canada. His corporate and commercial litigation practice covers class actions and securities.

Jeremy Sacks, partner, assisted Downing Street Financial Inc. and one other plaintiff in The Fuller Landau Group Inc. et al v 994697 Ontario Inc et al. He has experience in construction and real estate matters and shareholder disputes.

Kevin Sherkin, partner, represented Riar Holdings Inc. and nearly 200 other plaintiffs in Riar et al v Khudal et al. He handles real estate litigation and breach of trust claims.

Gina Rhodes, associate, advised applicant Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd in Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. et al. Her practice centres on insolvency and restructuring litigation.

Goodmans LLP appeared in five cases this week.

Dan Block, partner, represented plaintiff Actra Performers’ Rights Society in Actra Performers’ Rights Society v Re:Sound et al. He focuses his practice on corporate and commercial litigation and arbitration.

Alan Mark, partner, acted for eight defendants in Stronach v Stronach et al. His work covers class actions and electricity law and regulation.

Melanie Ouanounou, partner, advised two defendants in a case also named Stronach v Stronach et al. Her litigation practice spans class actions, electricity law, and estate cases.

Julie Rosenthal, partner, assisted respondent Primo Water Corporation in Legion Partners Holdings, LLC et al v Primo Water Corporation. She has experience in commercial disputes and regulatory/administrative law proceedings.

Mark Leonard, associate, assisted plaintiff Dream Distillery District Commercial (GP) Inc. in Cityscape Holdings Inc. et al v 2575867 Ontario Inc. He is developing a civil litigation and dispute resolution practice.

Bennett Jones LLP appeared in three cases this week.

Apart from the firm’s work in the Sakab case, associate Joshua Foster represented Trichome Financial Corp. and five other applicants in Trichome Financial Corp. et al. His practice centres on the financial restructuring of distressed companies in formal proceedings.

Aiden Nelms, associate, advised the applicant in Magna Gold Corp. His work focuses on restructuring and insolvency law.

Chaitons LLP appeared in three cases this week.

Harvey Chaiton, partner, represented Silverfern Mortgage Fund and six other plaintiffs in Grant Thornton Limited in its capacity as court-appointed receiver of Paramount Equity Financial Corporation et al v Garfinkle Biderman LLP et al. He handles receiverships, corporate restructurings, and insolvency cases.

George Benchetrit, partner, advised the applicant in Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario v First Swiss Mortgage Corp. He has experience in commercial litigation, corporate restructurings, and shareholder disputes.

Stephen Schwartz, partner, acted for Silver Streams Homes (Puccini) and nine other defendants in Medi Group Incorporated et al v Silver Streams Homes (Puccini) et al. He is experienced in shareholder and partnership, condominium, and franchise disputes.

Garfinkle Biderman LLP appeared in three cases this week.

Partner Wendy Greenspoon-Soer represented applicant Dodick Landau Inc. in Dodick Landau Inc. v Zuccaro et al., advised applicant Empirical Capital Corp. in Empirical Capital Corp. v Ideal (WC) Developments Inc., and assisted Global Sport Technologies Corp. and four other defendants in Caja Paraguaya de Jubilaciones y Pensiones del Personal de la Itaipu Binacional v Obregon et al.

She focuses on all areas of insolvency and commercial litigation, especially on property-related litigation and title rectification.

Lax O'Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb LLP appeared in three cases this week.

Matthew Gottlieb, partner, represented the plaintiff in Stronach v Stronach et al and advised respondent 1091369 Ontario Inc. in Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital Ltd. v 1091369 Ontario Inc. et al. His work includes corporate and commercial disputes and business litigation.

Shaun Laubman, partner, represented 2504670 Canada Inc. and two other plaintiffs in 2504670 Canada Inc. et al v Athanasoulis et al. He handles corporate/commercial, family, franchise, and real estate disputes.

Lenczner Slaght LLP appeared in three cases this week.

Tom Curry, partner, represented one of the defendants in Jiang v BHP International Markets Limited (a Bahamian corporation) et al. He deals with class actions, arbitrations, business disputes, and administrative proceedings.

Jonathan Chen, partner, advised applicant Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital Ltd. in Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital Ltd. v 1091369 Ontario Inc. et al. His civil litigation practice includes class actions, product liability, professional negligence, and commercial matters.

Mark Veneziano, partner, acted for Jugnee Designs Inc. and one other defendant to the counterclaim in Durrani et al v Khan et al. He handles shareholder disputes, insurance coverage, and securities matters.

Torys LLP appeared in three cases this week.

John Fabello, partner, represented defendant Union Securities Limited in Caja Paraguaya de Jubilaciones y Pensiones del Personal de la Itaipu Binacional v Obregon et al. He tackles all aspects of securities litigation and financial services regulatory matters.

Linda Plumpton, partner, advised defendant Stronach Consulting Corp. in Stronach v Stronach et al. She is experienced in competition litigation, class action defence, and corporate/commercial disputes.

Arlen Sternberg, partner, acted for respondent Rogers Communications Inc. in 2356802 Ontario Corp. v 285 Spadina SPV Inc. et al. He focuses his practice on business litigation and administrative, employment, and corporate/commercial law.

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