Bennett Jones, Addario Law Group, Blakes act in $4.45-billion commercial case

Adair Goldblatt Bieber, McCarthy Tétrault appear in multibillion-dollar commercial list suit

Bennett Jones, Addario Law Group, Blakes act in $4.45-billion commercial case

Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP made appearances in five commercial list matters this week. On the other hand, lawyers from Diamond and Diamond, Dickinson Wright, Fasken, Himelfarb Proszanski, Lenczner Slaght, and Tyr dealt with high-value commercial cases.

The week’s most notable commercial suit was the $4.445-billion case Sakab Saudi Holding Company et al v Saad Khalid S Al Jabri et al. Bennett Jones LLP partner Amanda McLachlan advised Sakab Saudi Holding Company and eight other plaintiffs.

Addario Law Group LLP partner Andrew Max acted for M. Al Jabri and seven other defendants. His practice includes commercial and shareholder disputes, oppression remedies, director and officer liability, and professional liability.

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP partner Ryan Morris advised Black Stallion Investments Limited and two other defendants. He focuses on corporate and transactional matters, securities and broker/dealer litigation, regulatory proceedings, and class actions.

Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP founding partner John Adair acted for defendant K. Al Jabri. McCarthy Tétrault LLP partner Andrew Matheson advised defendant Dreams International Advisory Services Ltd. The other defendants appeared to be unrepresented.

The next most notable commercial suit was the $333,309,379.73 case Romspen Investment Corporation v Woodbine Mall Holdings Inc. et al. Dickinson Wright LLP partner David Preger acted for applicant Romspen Investment Corporation. He practises bankruptcy and insolvency law.

Oleg Roslak, a civil and commercial lawyer at Himelfarb Proszanski LLP, advised Woodbine Mall Holdings Inc. and five other respondents. Darryl Singer, head of the commercial and civil litigation group of Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers, acted for respondent Y. Boltyansky.

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP partner Stuart Brotman acted for respondent First Commercial Bank. He leads the firm’s global insolvency and restructuring group. Lawrence Thacker, a Lenczner Slaght partner who handles mergers and acquisitions, advised respondent Niceforo Enterprises Inc.

A third notable commercial suit was the $45-million case Yurkovich et al v Citibank Canada et al. Tyr LLP founding partner James Doris advised R. Yurkovich and one other plaintiff. His areas of experience include shareholder and oppression remedy actions, class actions, securities disputes, insolvency, and competition matters. The two defendants appeared to be unrepresented.

Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP appeared in five cases this week.

Marco Drudi, partner, represented D. Goldlist as an applicant in Goldlist v Glushko et al and as a respondent in Glushko v Goldlist et al and advised K. Lev and one other respondent in Jackson et al v Lev et al. He has experience in the areas of civil litigation and construction law.

Adam Wainstock, partner, acted for respondent Safway Services Canada, Inc. in Bank of Montreal as Administrative Agent v 2442931 Ontario Inc. et al. He focuses on commercial disputes, including construction and real estate claims.

Christos Papadopoulos, civil/commercial litigator, represented A. Prattas and three other plaintiffs in Prattas et al v Skoura Developments Limited et al. He handles construction disputes and liens, commercial disputes, and disputes arising from real estate transactions.

Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP appeared in two cases this week.

John Adair, who worked on the Sakab Saudi case, litigates matters involving commercial law, partnership disputes, and professional negligence.

Nathaniel Read-Ellis, partner, advised P. Weaver and one other applicant in Weaver et al v MGMP Holdings Inc. et al. His commercial litigation practice covers the industries of telecommunications, renewable energy, commercial real estate, financial services, and mining.

Bennett Jones LLP appeared in two cases this week.

McLachlan, who worked on the Sakab Saudi case, focuses on civil fraud, employment litigation, and securities disputes and investigations.

Joseph Blinick, partner, acted for applicant Nobul Technologies Inc. in Nobul Technologies Inc. v Reed et al. He focuses on corporate commercial disputes, securities litigation, class actions, and bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

Chaitons LLP appeared in two cases this week.

Harvey Chaiton, partner, represented applicant Bank of Montreal as administrative agent in the 2442931 Ontario case. He works on bankruptcy and insolvency matters, receiverships, and corporate restructurings.

Chris Staples, partner, advised applicant Bank of Montreal in Bank of Montreal v 2243080 Ontario Inc. et al. He focuses on estate, banking, and mortgage litigation.

Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP appeared in two cases this week.

Alistair Crawley, founding partner, acted for defendant Clairvest Group Inc. in Campbell v Clairvest Group Inc. et al and represented D. Arapakota and one other applicant in Arapakota et al v Imex Systems Inc. et al. He is a securities and corporate commercial litigation lawyer.

Friedman Law Professional Corporation appeared in two cases this week.

Patrick Bakos, principal, advised A. Glushko as an applicant in Glushko v Goldlist et al and as a respondent in Goldlist v Glushko et al. He primarily practises in the area of complex commercial litigation.

Gowling WLG appeared in two cases this week.

Haddon Murray, partner, acted for applicant Farm Credit Canada in Farm Credit Canada v Whyte's Foods Inc./Les Ailments Whyte's Inc. et al. He practises in the areas of commercial litigation and restructuring and insolvency law.

Katherine Yurkovich, associate, represented applicant Vector Financial Services Limited in Vector Financial Services Limited v Village Developments Inc. She belongs to the firm’s financial services group.

McCarthy Tétrault LLP appeared in two cases this week.

Matheson, who worked on the Sakab Saudi case, heads the firm’s national white collar and investigations group.

Sarit Batner, partner and chairwoman of the board of partners, advised respondent Unity Health Toronto in the 2442931 Ontario case. She focuses on complex commercial litigation and arbitrations.

Minden Gross LLP appeared in two cases this week.

Catherine Francis, partner, acted for plaintiff Chriscwe Holdings Inc. in Chriscwe Holdings Inc. v Oasis Global Inc. et al. She largely devotes her practice to corporate/commercial, real estate, banking, and insolvency litigation.

Rachel Moses, partner, represented plaintiff Royal Bank of Canada in Royal Bank of Canada v 2379804 Ontario Inc. et al. She focuses on banking and commercial litigation.

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