Boland Romaine LLP

Boland Romaine LLP has a guiding principle: Justice can’t always be negotiated.

“For us, the greatest advantage you can give your client is trial experience,” says Darcy Romaine of the firm, which is dedicated to personal injury litigation with a focus on complex cases. “Trial experience discourages discounted offers, sharpens a lawyer’s ability to predict outcomes, and most importantly, gives the lawyer the confidence to settle cases based on the evidence and not a fear of the courtroom.“

The number of trials and the size of the challenges the firm takes on are disproportionate to its team of four. In addition to Romaine, a named partner, the firm is rounded out by founding partner Tim Boland and lawyers Erin Farrell and Michael Hanton. Their work speaks for itself and simply put; Boland Romaine delivers for its clients.

Along with the rest of the legal world, Romaine and his colleagues have adapted to a more virtual practice in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the pause on jury trials in favour of judge alone trials. Currently, in the midst of a virtual trial, along with a renewed approach to documentary evidence, the firm set up a virtual courtroom with cameras strategically placed to replicate direct eye contact between the lawyers and witnesses.

While practically a virtual trial simulates the courtroom well, says Romaine, the gravity of the architecture and solemnity of the physical courtroom is impossible to recreate, and most certainly a loss.

It is a significant trend — Romaine says he never would have thought he’d be conducting litigation over monitors — but it’s an effective way to gain access to justice when jury trials cannot proceed. It will also remain an effective way to gain access to justice when the pandemic lifts and judicial resources will be scarce due to the backlog of criminal matters.

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