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Boardroom champions 

Canadian Lawyer’s Top 10 Corporate Law Firms of 2024–25 feature prominent boutiques of varying legal specialties that have deservedly earned repeated recognition as among the best nationwide. Considering the onslaught of challenges that struck Canadian businesses in the past year alone, this is no easy feat.

In the 12th edition, CL’s readers cast their votes of support for 33 notable nominees, helping to drive those most renowned for high-quality legal services and exceptional client outcomes to the forefront.

“The industry-leading firms are the ones that can combine good client service with expertise and professionalism,” says Waldman & Associates’ founder and partner Lorne Waldman, consistently named one of Canada’s most influential lawyers by CL.

The top corporate law firms are well-regarded for their leading work and innovative solutions across M&A, securities, transactions, and business and entertainment law, grounded in their dedication to:

  • exceptional legal expertise

  • deep industry knowledge

  • commitment to client satisfaction

  • professionalism and reliability

As three of this year’s winning firms demonstrate, their willingness to always go above and beyond to help their clients achieve their goals distinguishes them as legal leaders.

Why the top corporate law firms stand out

SkyLaw PC – The backbone of any corporate deal

Maintaining high service and client satisfaction standards is paramount at the top corporate and securities law firm specializing in domestic and cross-border M&A, corporate reorganizations, joint ventures, and early-stage companies.

Its corporate services bench strength and addition of more law clerks have been instrumental in improving the entity management services it provides to thousands of companies, limited partnerships, and other entities in Canada and worldwide, as well as transactional work.

Delivering exceptional client results starts with a detailed hiring process to attract those with first-class expertise and experience from top-flight firms to join its Toronto office. Many of the team members have been working together for nearly a decade.  

“We’re protective of our incredible team dynamic and careful about who we add to the mix,” says Andrea Hill, who advises clients on their business transactions. “We meet in person frequently as a team to review every active matter to support clients and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.”

In addition, SkyLaw PC’s award-winning business philosophy includes:

  • work projects that are easy to read, understand, and responsive to clients’ strategies

  • client-centric approach focused on the value of meeting people in person, such as on-site visits to clients’ businesses and personalized, relationship-building experiences like puppy yoga and dirt biking

“We’ll bring our laptops to the client’s business and draw up agreements at their desk,” she adds. “We approach each meeting with a written agenda, so we keep discussions efficient as we try to move the deal toward the successful closing.”


Andrea Hill
“Fundamentally, we take no one and no work for granted. Every opportunity is a gift.
We are respectful of our clients’ time and tailor our work and style to the way they prefer to engage with us”

Andrea HillSkyLaw PC


Holding themselves to the highest work standards has contributed significantly to building the law firm’s client base. Survey respondents noted SkyLaw PC stands out for overall excellence, client satisfaction, and the high calibre of its lawyers and leadership:

  • “One of a kind. The team has a personal touch that makes a difference. They are highly competent, reliable, and cost-effective.”

  • “The firm is composed of talented professionals who approach all matters with deep thought across legal and business issues.”

  • “The most committed-to-client-satisfaction firm I’ve worked with. An absolute joy, top to bottom.”


MEP Business Counsel – Tailor-made legal solutions at its core 

The Vancouver-based full-service business and entertainment law firm takes pride in putting itself in its client’s shoes, enabling the team to provide practical and business-minded advice.

The firm’s deliberately selected name highlights this client-focused approach, which prioritizes strategies that are clear, concise, accessible, and pragmatic. A commitment to evolving and refining its processes as it grows while maintaining its determined startup mentality and tight-knit culture keeps it at the leading edge.

“A core part of our job is to make our clients’ lives easier, and we take that seriously,” says Rosalyn Hogg, a partner in the business law group and a member of the management committee. “Our team is highly responsive to client demands, and we instill a sense of ownership at all levels in the firm. It’s simple, but it’s surprising how many clients find this to be a unique approach.”

With a well-established reputation for delivering high-touch legal services that puts clients at the centre of the partnership, MEP Business Counsel’s approach is akin to an in-house counsel.

Survey respondents attested to the tailored, holistic advice for which the firm is lauded, as well as its specialized expertise, client care, and professionalism:

  • “They have a respectful, knowledgeable, and professional team who always provides me with a solution and clear information.”

  • “My 30-year experience with lead lawyer Arthur Evrensel has been one of the happiest business relationships I’ve ever had with a lawyer.”

  • “They take care of my business, and I trust them, as they have never steered me wrong. They look out for my interests, and I recommend them everywhere I go.”

The firm has successfully built long-term relationships with many of the clients on its roster, which is a testament to the trust these clients place in them – a factor that the legal leaders do not take lightly.

Rosalyn Hogg
“Our experience and exposure to complex M&A transactions benefit our clients greatly because we can ensure every negotiation is informed by and rooted in current market trends in the circumstances”
Rosalyn HoggMEP Business Counsel


“I think clients continue to work with us in the long term because they value our highly responsive and pragmatic advice and because we take that broader approach to learning their business,” Hogg adds.

The marriage of legal expertise with commercial understanding sets MEP Business Counsel apart in a competitive field, along with philosophical approaches that include:

  • authentic client connections that extend beyond billable work

  • advice that reflects the firm’s love of business, not just business law


Allen McDonald Swartz LLP – A trust partner with extensive expertise

The top corporate law firm has achieved consistent recognition in corporate and securities law, as well as capital market transactions, due to a high level of client satisfaction. 

This crucial element underscores the Toronto-based firm’s unique approach where the lawyer managing the client’s file is responsible for the work.

“When we dig down into trying to understand the client’s objective and business, we don’t have to worry about communicating that to other lawyers,” says partner Jillian Swartz. “We use that experience to cut through everything and deal with the issues important to the client based on our knowledge.”

The firm has earned the trust and praise of clients for being responsive, highly competent, and committed to delivering favourable results:

  • “It’s rare to find a securities expert that will take the time to assist non-profit charities in securities-related matters.”

  • “Great legal advice that is customized to meet our business needs.”

  • “I have full confidence in entrusting them with my clients who need corporate law advice.”

The legal team’s passion for building long-term client relationships is the key driver of the firm’s success, and they strive to lay that foundation from the first point of contact.

Jillian Swartz
“Our client management model provides the best value and client experience because the lawyers who attend those first calls are typically the ones who execute the work”
Jillian SwartzAllen McDonald Swartz LLP


“When speaking with a potential client, we’re incredibly honest about our experience, capabilities, and capacity to provide them with the extremely high level of service we strive to deliver,” she adds. 

Providing bespoke advice, investing time in learning about the client’s business and objectives, and actively listening to their needs have enabled Allen McDonald Swartz to excel. That strategy builds client trust and allows the firm to deliver on its promises.

Specific elements where Allen McDonald Swartz’s approach shines include:

  • well-trained and high-performing lawyers

  • genuine care about clients’ success

  • pragmatic, creative, and results-oriented mindset

“Our most junior lawyers have over 20 years of experience, so clients are getting seasoned people who have been well-trained at the top-tier firms,” says Swartz.

How the top corporate law firms differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace


SkyLaw PC

Its 360-degree view of a client enables the firm to deliver most services in real time. Legal staff blog extensively on critical topics relevant to their work, which also helps keep the firm ahead of new developments and industry trends.

“We love what we do, and it shows,” Hill says. “We’re at the top of the list among our network for referrals. Despite our boutique size, we bring bench strength that few other firms can match.”

While businesses, generally, have faced several challenges in recent times, Hill emphasizes that the firm “rides the lows and the highs” with its clients. The good news is that market sentiment indicates a return of investor confidence, she adds, and SkyLaw PC will continue striving to ensure its clients grow and realize their goals.

MEP Business Counsel

The firm’s entertainment lawyers are award-winning for good reason, notes Hogg. Its founding partner, Arthur Evrensel, has been instrumental in building the film and TV industry in British Columbia for decades.

“They are definitely among the best in the country, if not beyond that, and Arthur, specifically, brings unparalleled expertise and expansive connections to his practice and clients daily,” Hogg says.

Allen McDonald Swartz LLP

The firm enjoys a robust reputation for its legal expertise and advice on corporate-commercial issues, but it stands out for its dedication to assisting non-profits with securities law.

“This is unique, and I don’t think a lot of small firms would have this expertise because we can leverage over three decades of securities law expertise and apply that to the not-for-profit world to provide truly cutting-edge advice for a specific niche market,” Swartz remarks.

The Top Corporate Law Firms in Canada | Boutique Corporate

  • Allen McDonald Swartz LLP
  • DuMoulin Black LLP
  • Forooghian + Company Law Corporation
  • Hansell LLP
  • LaBarge Weinstein LLP
  • MEP Business Counsel
  • Mogan Daniels Slager LLP
  • Peterson McVicar LLP
  • Wildeboer Dellelce LLP


In January 2024, Canadian Lawyer asked readers across Canada to vote on corporate law boutiques. Readers were asked to rank their top firms from a preliminary list, with a chance to nominate additional firms. To be considered in the vote, firms were required to have the majority of their revenue from corporate law.  

The quantitative results were combined with the Lexpert peer survey results, where applicable, along with feedback from respected senior members of the bar and regional diversity considerations.