Top Canadian legal podcasts to listen to right now

Discover some of the best Canadian legal podcasts to tune into for updates and insights in the legal field

Top Canadian legal podcasts to listen to right now
Canadian legal podcasts are sources of valuable information for both lawyers and the public

These days, anybody can get legal information and insights from a lot of sources. But the question is whether the information from these sources is even credible or accurate.These days, anybody can get legal information and insights from a lot of sources. But the question is whether the information from these sources is even credible or accurate.

One source of factual and trustworthy legal updates is from Canadian legal podcasts, that are made not just for emerging and experienced lawyers, but also for interested listeners.

This article can be used by lawyers (and non-lawyers alike) who are looking for the best and the most credible legal podcasts in Canada.

Best Canadian legal podcast: CL Talk

 Logo of CL Talk

CL Talk is the official legal podcast by Canadian Lawyer that discusses the current news about the legal profession in the country. It includes legal insights from lawyers, judges, law firms, and other industry leaders. CL Talk uploads new podcasts several times a month.

This podcast stays true to Canadian Lawyer’s goal of delivering unbiased reporting and providing analysis of Canada’s legal landscape. It is run by Canadian Lawyer’s editorial team, led by its Global Managing Editor Tim Wilbur. The podcast was launched in December 2022.

Just this year, it ranked #1 on FeedSpot’s list of the 35 Best Canadian Law Podcasts that are worth listening to in 2024.

Topics covered by CL Talk

CL Talk features conversations and interviews with lawyers, both from public and private practice, on topics in different legal practice areas. Law firms are interviewed on their innovative approaches to lawyering, which can give new perspectives for other firms to improve their practice. Judges, legal innovators and other legal leaders are interviewed by the Canadian Lawyer, Lexpert and Law Times editorial staff.

How and where to listen to CL Talk

To access CL Talk, here’s a list of recent episodes.

You can also go to the Canadian Lawyer website, and click the Resources tab to find CL Talk. It’s free, and there are no logins needed to listen to the podcast.

The website also has a written summary of the conversation just below the podcast.

There are other online platforms that listeners can access to listen to CL Talk (aside from other major podcast providers):

Highlights of CL Talk

One of the most popular episodes of CL Talk is Jordan Furlong’s insights on the future of the legal profession, according to SoundCloud. Listen to this podcast below:

Here are other recent podcasts by CL Talk:

Other Canadian legal podcasts

Aside from CL Talk, here are some other legal podcasts in Canada:

CBA’s podcasts series

The CBA has four series of podcasts that listeners can choose from:

  • Conversations with the President: a podcast in English and French where the CBA’s President interviews legal experts
  • The Every Lawyer: a podcast in English that discusses trends and tools to help with one’s legal career, and social and political subjects relevant to the legal community
  • Modern Law: a podcast in French and English that talks about how Canadian laws can keep up with the times
  • Juriste Branché: a podcast that discusses similar topics with The Every Lawyer, but specifically made for French-speaking audiences

These podcasts are longer than the usual, which are usually around 30-40 minutes. Some may even reach about an hour.

How and where to listen to the podcasts of CBA

Listeners can go to CBA’s official website or to other podcast platforms such as:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • SimpleCast
  • Spotify

There are no fees to pay to access these podcast series. Listeners can subscribe through these platforms to get alerts on its new episodes.

Recent podcasts of the CBA

The release of new episodes varies with every series. Usually, new podcasts are released every month. Here are some of the most recent podcasts of the CBA podcasts:

  • The foundations of reform: equality, diversity and responsibility, with the honorable Madam Justice Sophie Bourque
  • Actionable guidance on EDI in the face of a growing backlash
  • Conversations with the President: L’honorable Michelle O’Bonsawin

FACL Ontario Podcast

The FACL Ontario is an example of a local organization that released its own podcast. Their law podcasts feature topics on race, gender, and equity.

Its podcasts are divided into three series:

  • COVID-19
  • Race and Identity
  • Asian Women in Law

Canadian legal podcasts from law firms

Law firms in Canada are also starting to produce their own podcasts. These are mostly run by the firm’s, who interview their peers for their content.

While Bennett Jones LLP’s Business Law Talks cover a wide range of topics, other law firms’ podcasts are specific to a certain practice area.

Bereskin & Parr LLP has its Intellectual Property (IP) Law Podcast Series. As the name suggests, it covers issues surrounding the Canadian intellectual property law.

Another firm that has its own podcast is Hull & Hull LLP with its Hull on Estate Podcast, which features content on estate planning for families and individuals.

Bennett Jones LLP’s Business Law Talks

The Business Law Talks is the podcast series of the law firm Bennett Jones LLP. It features discussions on modern legal issues to help companies that are doing business in Canada.

Interviewed by the host are its own firm's partners, aside from other special guests who are advisors and law experts.

This Canadian legal podcast is free and can be accessed through Bennett Jones’ official website, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Business Law Talks can take up to 30-50 minutes, depending on the podcast’s topic. Here are some of its recent episodes:

  • Beyond Succession: Diving into the Complex Waters of M&A for Family-Owned Businesses
  • Economic Outlook: Playing the Long Game
  • In Conversation: Workplaces Where Women Thrive

Bereskin & Parr LLP’s IP Law Podcast Series

As an emerging practice area in Canada, IP rights have become a conversation topic within the country’s legal community. Bereskin & Parr LLP launched its IP Podcast Series to discuss various perspectives and explore the IP frameworks in the country.

Aside from their official website, these 30-minute Canadian legal podcasts are also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and PodBean. Since 2019, there have been 96 podcasts to listen to. Some topics include:

  • IP rights and how to register these rights
  • updates on Canada’s IP laws
  • the emerging role of AI in IP law

Bereskin & Parr LLP also made a recent podcast in partnership with CL Talk on patenting chemical AI. The podcast discussed the integration of AI, the field of chemistry, and IP laws.

Hull & Hull LLP’s Hull on Estate

The Hull on Estates is the podcast of Hull & Hull LLP that discusses topics on Canadian family and succession laws (e.g., estate planning, wills and estates, etc.).

These podcasts are relatively shorter, ranging from 10-15 minutes per podcast, making them suitable not just for lawyers but also for clients.

It also discusses recent developments in this practice area, both in statutes and in common law, such as its recent podcast on The Absentees Act and the case of Grover v. Vaid.

Other recent podcasts of Hull on Estates are:

  • Sham Trusts: Exploring a Purported Settlor’s Intentions
  • Parental Support under s. 32 of the Family Law Act
  • Challenging the Validity of a Will While the Testator is Still Alive

Law podcasts by individual lawyers

There are also Canadian legal podcasts that are independently hosted or launched by individual lawyers. Here are some of these podcasts:

The Docket

Hosted by Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman, this law podcast discuss current issues on Canadian laws, politics, and policy.

In its recent podcast on an interview with law professor Daphne Gilbert, they discussed a critical review of the Medical Assistance in Dying’s delayed implementation.

Launched in 2016, The Docket releases quarterly podcasts that are 40-50 minutes long. This podcast can be listened to in Apple Podcasts and on Spratt’s official website.


LAWYERED is a podcast launched by Husein Panju in 2015. It releases a bi-weekly 30-60 -minute podcast that discusses the current legal issues in Canada through interviews with lawyers in the different practice areas.

Some recent podcasts of LAWYERED are:

  • Workplace Investigations Law (Christine Thomlinson)
  • Psychedelics Law (David Wood)
  • Cryptocurrency Law (Sohaib Mohammad)

Honorable mention 

Here is an honorable mention of other Canadian legal podcasts that is also worthy to listen to:

  • Dear Beth...A Women in Law Podcast: based on the book “Creating a Seat at the Table: Reflections from Women in Law”, this podcast features the experiences of women in the legal profession, through conversations with lawyers in every episode, whose stories inspire others for a more inclusive environment in the legal field

What are Canadian legal podcasts?

Canadian legal podcasts feature diverse topics on the country’s legal field. It can be one or a combination of many topics, such as:

  • discussions on new laws or amendments of existing laws
  • critical court decisions (e.g., overturned or new decisions)
  • practical considerations for the different practice areas
  • knowledge and opinions from legal professionals
  • updates or statistics on court procedures

Emerging Canadian legal podcasts

Various institutions are now turning to producing law podcasts to discuss lessons on Canadian laws.

There are some print and online media companies (e.g., CL Talk) and law journals (e.g., The McGill Law Journal Podcast) that now have their own legal podcasts.

Organizations are also engaged in producing legal podcasts to provide information to their member-lawyers. For instance, The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) has The Every Lawyer and other different podcast series, while Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers Ontario (FACL) has the FACL Ontario Podcast.

Law firms, on the other hand, reach out to a wider public – targeting existing and potential clients – through law podcasts such as:

  • Bennett Jones: Business Law Talks
  • Bereskin & Parr's Intellectual Property Law Podcast Series
  • Hull & Hull LLP’s Hull on Estates

There are also numerous law podcasts by individual practitioners, law professors, and private individuals who have their own take on certain Canadian legal matters.

What are the benefits of Canadian legal podcasts?

Canadian legal podcasts are proof that the legal profession is adjusting to modern technologies and current trends. Aside from reaching out to the wider public for awareness on Canada’s laws, they also serve as a medium for continuing legal education among peers in the field of law.

Canadian legal podcasts offer other advantages, such as:

The material is short and concise

While non-legal podcasts have a longer duration (around an hour or even longer), some legal podcasts are usually shorter (around 10 to 20 minutes). This is a different take on traditional legal materials, such as books and law journals, which are usually long and wordy.

Podcasts are made by lawyers, for lawyers

Canadian legal podcasts are made by lawyers for a specific niche, who are also lawyers working for a specific legal practice area. This adds integrity to the content, having been made by the people who understand the ins and outs of Canada’s legal profession.

Non-lawyers can listen in, too

While these podcasts are primarily targeted to Canadian lawyers, those who are interested to learn more about the country’s laws can also listen to them.

On the same vein, law students can learn greatly from Canadian legal podcasts, especially because these are made by those who are already practicing in the field.

Canadian legal podcasts as credible resource

Canadian legal podcasts have emerged as a resource for lawyers and the public, offering a wealth of credible, accessible legal knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned lawyer, a law student, or simply someone with an interest in legal matters, these podcasts offer invaluable insights and analysis. The next time you need updates in the legal industry, pop in your airpods and tune into a Canadian legal podcast. It’s your authoritative source for the latest on the law, right in your pocket.

If you’re interested to listen to or watch other resources aside from Canadian legal podcasts, check out our Multimedia page.


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