PracticePanther Review

Know more about the different functions of PracticePanther, how much it costs, and some of its standout features

PracticePanther Review

To simplify the way that things are done by lawyers and firms, a lot are enticed to use the services of practice management software or PMS.

One of these is PracticePanther, which can also be used by Canadian lawyers and law firms.

This article can be used by interested users of PracticePanther, either as a first-time user of a PMS or those who wish to switch from their current software.

What does PracticePanther do?

PracticePanther is a cloud-based practice management software that offers a program (in the form of a dashboard) with everything a law firm needs. It aims to simplify the workflow of lawyers and their firms by integrating case management, administrative tasks, and accounting matters into just one program. It also has a legal customer relationship management (CRM) tool that will help clients contact their lawyers, and vice versa.

Because PracticePanther is cloud-based software, all documents can be accessed on any device and any operating system in a synchronized manner.

Ideally, these features result in easier communication between lawyers and workers in a firm, and between lawyers and clients. It also addresses client management concerns and various roadblocks when organizing a firm’s day-to-day tasks.

Features overview

The main features of PracticePanther that are common to all plans (Solo, Essential, and Business) are:

  • Contact and Matter Management
  • Billable Time and Expense Tracking
  • Customer Support
  • Client Portal
  • Data Storage
  • App (iPhone, iPad, Android)

For a sneak peek of the features of PracticePanther, watch this video:

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Contact and Matter Management

By using PracticePanther, lawyers and legal professionals can manage their practice through a single law firm software. There’s no need to switch to different programs or software with separate functions.

Legal documents and client information are also stored on the cloud, making it easier for lawyers to access them through any device. There are also tools available for document sharing between lawyers and clients.

Case tracking is available through the software. While it can be done through its normal features, lawyers and firms can customize its workflow using templates and automatically creating tasks and events.

For example, reminders can be automated, and integrations can be done among different users’ calendars, so that lawyers do not miss any court deadlines.

Billable Time and Expenses Tracking

PracticePanther helps lawyers bill their clients accurately through automated time and expense tracking. The time spent on a specific task is captured to get the accurate billable hours.

Billing reports and insights can also be generated, so that any missed or delayed payments are easily identified. This will also ensure that clients are charged fairly – nothing more, nothing less.

Available among all Plans, the PantherPayments is an online payments processor (ePayments) that allows lawyers and law firms to offer multiple payment options for their clients. This includes payment through credit card, eCheck, and ACH.

Payment links can be included on the law firm’s website as an additional mode of payment for the lawyer’s clients.

Below is the list of PracticePanther’s legal billing features:

  • billing options: allows lawyers to customize the way they bill clients, such as based on an hourly rate, flat fees, or contingency fees
  • expense tracking: aside from billable hours tracking, the lawyer’s or firm’s expenses and work-related costs can also be tracked
  • accounting integration: the law firm’s accounting software may be integrated into PracticePanther to allow three-way reconciliation
  • payment reminders and plans: reminders can be sent to clients regarding their past due invoices, and payment plans may also be customized to help clients pay their bills
  • financial reports: create customized reports on receivables, balances, and payment history of every matter, client, or lawyer

Client Portal

PracticePanther provides a tool where lawyers and clients can interact with each other through a single tool called the Client Portal. This customer relationship management software has several functions, such as:

  • communication: through a secure two-way messaging portal, lawyers and clients can communicate with each other, such as by sending files and inviting clients to events
  • notification: the portal allows lawyers to send automated SMS text messages and email alerts to clients or co-workers, regarding court dates and tasks
  • payment: billings and invoices may be accessed through the client portal, such as the online payment options
  • transaction history: aside from clients being updated of their case through the client portal, they can also see all case history and communication
  • customizable: everything like invoices, notifications, and even the client portal can be customized according to the law firm’s branding

Trust Accounting

PracticePanther also features a legal trust accounting system for clients’ trust accounts handled by lawyers and law firms. Here, firms can freely disburse funds, apply them to invoices, and transfer trust funds to operating accounts.

Transactions of trust accounts (and operating accounts) may also be monitored by using the dashboard. Reports regarding these trust accounts may also be generated, helping lawyers and firms review these accounts.

When trust account balances fall below the firm’s defined threshold, automated alerts or notifications may be set to help firms update retainer balances. With the help of the Client Portal, trust requests may be sent to clients where their payments are automatically applied to their respective trust accounts.


While the above-mentioned main features are found in all the Plans offered by PracticePanther, how these features play out into the user’s dashboard or program will differ from each plan. Typically, a higher fee will also bring in more features.

Below are PracticePanther’s offered plan and the summary of the features:


Available Features


  • internal chat, notifications, and daily agenda email
  • generate templates for document, tasks, and events
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android app
  • unlimited data storage
  • customer and client support
  • integrations: QuickBooks Online and PantherPayments


in addition to the features of the Solo plan:

  • customized internal security roles for every member of the firm
  • unlimited customized fields
  • alerts for clients’ invoice reads
  • automated and unlimited payment reminders for invoice due dates
  • automated charging of clients’ recurring payment plans
  • create multiple time entries and expenses
  • generate multiple invoices
  • add multiple bank accounts (operating accounts, trust accounts)
  • print checks and deposit slips using QuickBooks Online or PantherPayments
  • integrations: Dropbox,, MailChimp, Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Exchange


in addition to the features of the Solo and Essential plans:

  • create or store e-signed documents
  • unlimited e-signed document sends
  • 2-way business texting within the dashboard
  • text alerts for lawyers and clients on events, meetings, and deadlines
  • assign user groups
  • create and request unlimited client intake forms
  • automate deadlines in calendars (LawToolBox required)
  • UTBMS coding and LEDES billing (for US lawyers and firms)
  • generate revenue reports per lawyer
  • integrations: Zapier



As with any other practice management software, there are also third-party apps or programs that can be integrated into PracticePanther.

The number of apps or programs that can be integrated will depend on the plan the user purchased:



Quickbooks Online integration with PantherPayments

Solo, Essential, Business

Dropbox,, MailChimp, Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Exchange

Essential, Business



Across the different plans, there are also other apps or programs that can be integrated with PracticePanther, such as:

  • TrustBooks
  • WealthCounsel
  • Record Grabber
  • Jubilee
  • Lawmatics
  • YoCierge
  • Tracers
  • Apptoto
  • Docketwise
  • Kenect


PracticePanther offers a free 7-day trial, without the need for a credit card (it will only be needed when upgrading the account from the free trial to a paid one). A free trial button is found on their website.

After the free 7-day trial, the user may choose to remain in the free version (but only limited to three clients or three matters) or upgrade to a subscription plan.

Interested subscribers of PracticePanther may also request a free personal demo from its customer support team. Just click the “Get a Demo” button, also on their website. Signed up users may also request this free demo through the in-app Support Tool or through email.

Watch this demo video to get a free look at PracticePanther’s dashboard:

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Customer support

The support team may be reached using the Panther Bot. This is the chat button found on the lower right corner of the PracticePanther’s website. Prospective and existing clients of PracticePanther may reach out to customer support through this chat button.

Customer support will also depend on the plan that the user bought. This includes the number of live trainings and the assistance that the user gets during data migration and website integration:


Live trainings


Data migration

Website integration
















“VIP” customer support means that Business users get faster replies and have access to senior technicians. It also means that Business users will have the help of experts during data migration and website integration.

What area of law is PracticePanther used for?

There are a lot of practice areas that PracticePanther can be used for, which may include the following:

  • bankruptcy
  • civil litigation
  • criminal defense
  • personal injury
  • environmental law
  • estate planning

How much is PracticePanther?

Here are the fees for PracticePanther’s plans, which can be paid either monthly or yearly:


Monthly (per user/month)

Yearly (per user/month)










For those who are looking for a long-term subscription, a yearly plan payment is more cost-effective than the monthly plan.

Is PracticePanther easy to use?

One feature that differentiates PracticePanther from other practice management software is its free subscription for one user.

Since this is only limited to up to the first three clients or three matters, the solo practitioner would just need to delete the existing ones to make space for another. Otherwise, the account must be upgraded.

To use this ‘pro tip’ from PracticePanther, solo practitioners may just sign up for the 7-day free trial and make sure not to exceed over three clients or matters.

PracticePanther is not only for larger and medium-sized law firms, but also for smaller ones, even solo practitioners.

Aside from being economical if a solo practitioner wants to stay in the free version, its features are also structured in a way that a solo practitioner can still get most of PracticePanther.

As a practice management software/solution, PracticePanther brings everything to the table for its users or subscribers. From client intake, to accounting, and to workflow management, the program offers several features to answer all (or most) of the needs of lawyers and firms.

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