Bill Trudell

Bill Trudell

Veteran criminal defence lawyer Bill Trudell brings the conversation around to issues of importance to the criminal bar and the legal profession as a whole.

Defending criminal justice

COVID-19 must be a catalyst for positive change in the criminal justice system, writes Bill Trudell

Lessons From the Shore

What an ocean respite told me about change, the lessons of COVID-19, and social movements

Nothing is normal, either old or new

It’s uncertain what the “new normal” will look like, but lawyers are suffering now, says Bill Trudell

We must act before COVID-19 spells the end of an independent criminal bar

A criminal defence bar, strong and independent, is a pillar of every democracy, writes Bill Trudell

Love in the time of corona

Spirit of global cooperation and trust is essential for getting through pandemic, writes Bill Trudell

A plea to speak up for the independence of judicial appointments

Ontario attorney general’s recent proposals constitute “unacceptable influence,” says Bill Trudell

Stability of the judiciary essential in the new ‘Roaring Twenties’

Ontario seems to be toying with important balance of powers in a democratic state, argues Bill Trudell

Dear Santa

Bill Trudell asks Santa for gifts for Canadian and world leaders – and the gift of kindness for all

Judicial appointments unplugged

Ontario’s appointment process isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing; in fact, it is heralded throughout Canada

Costumed Blackface can be washed off. Labels, not so much

Costumed Blackface can be washed off. Labels, not so much

Irresponsible and politically motivated labelling degrades political discourse and democratic institutions, says Bill Trudell