Cheryl Foy

Cheryl Foy

Cheryl Foy is university secretary and general counsel at Ontario Tech University. She provides strategic and tactical advice on matters of governance, jurisdiction, policy and process to all members of the university community.  

Ethics & professionalism: Maintaining trust without losing objectivity

Cheryl Foy on navigating ethical dilemmas in-house

Ethics and professionalism: Professional obligations come first

Cheryl Foy on navigating ethical dilemmas in-house

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Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony to the House of Commons Justice Committee gives the in-house legal community an opportunity for a healthy discussion about some key common themes. It reinforces the in-house counsel’s connection to the rule of law. It reminds us of the importance of independent thought, truth telling, having the courage to act with integrity and the ability to navigate difficult relationship demands and issues of importance to our clients. This is a valuable opportunity and a valuable story. In light of solicitor-client privilege, in-house lawyers are rarely permitted to share their perspectives and these kinds of stories.

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