Karen Busby

Karen Busby

Karen Busby likes to write about sex, politics and religion. She is a law professor and director of the Centre for Human Rights Research at the University of Manitoba as well as author of Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules.

She can be reached by email.

Time to reconsider the prohibitions in university sexual violence policies on what complainants can say and know

How can universities work within the boundaries of current laws to address at least some of the confusion and anger complainants experience?

Proposed revisions to assisted human reproduction law overdue

A federal politician is finally making a serious attempt to address the shortcomings of Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act. While the act was intended to protect those who participate in assisted human reproduction from exploitation, its effect has been the opposite. The act arbitrarily denies surrogates compensation and compromises the effectiveness of the professional advice they receive.

Liberals’ summer jobs program controversy on reproductive rights overblown

Religious organizations and editorial writers have sown confusion about new eligibility criteria for organizations that want to hire students under the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Tentative steps toward decriminalizing marijuana a buzzkill

Come July 2018, Canadians should be able to light up a joint free from worry that they could be convicted of a criminal offence. In reality, it may be a few more years until most people can find an authorized dealer to supply them with legally grown recreational-use marijuana.

Canada becoming a go-to destination for those seeking surrogate mothers

Nepal, Thailand and India, once popular destinations for Westerners seeking surrogate mothers, have now effectively closed their doors to international surrogacy.

Queering refugee claims: IRB gets rid of problematic stereotypes and impossible paradoxes

Kudos to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board for its new guideline designed to prevent queer refugee claims from being unfairly dismissed.

How to keep sexual assault cases on track

Seeing justice done: Sexual violence policies at universities

SCC to rule on preservation of residential schools survivors’ files

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday in a post-TRC world