Ryan Handlarski

Ryan Handlarski

Zoom trials are here to stay, and that is a good thing

We can fix any issues we are experiencing with online trials with time and experience

A mindset of scarcity

Providing newly minted lawyers with a universal basic income would help their entrepreneurial spirits flourish, argues Ryan Handlarski

Young lawyers are exploited, not mentally ill

There is a lot of talk in the legal profession about a mental health crisis. Many people are trying to raise awareness about this issue and address it by getting people to talk openly about it.

The presumption of innocence is a civilizational construct

It is my contention that the presumption of innocence is not merely a legal construct, as Michael Spratt argues in his article The presumption of innocence is for the court of law, not for protecting the reputations of the powerful, but a way of thinking about the competing values when an allegation of wrongdoing is made. What should we do as a society about this most human of problems?

Staying out of debt is more important than the school you attend

Should Canadians, with limited means, be willing to hand over huge sums of money to attend certain law schools in Canada?

Why I support Ryerson's Law School

A law school at Ryerson will not add to the competitiveness of the process and, therefore, the only reasonable position is to support its creation.