Tara Vasdani

Tara Vasdani

Tara Vasdani is a civil litigator and the Principal Lawyer of Remote Law Canada. Her practice is centred on employment, business and civil litigation, with an emphasis on legal technology, and remote work.

Why we need sophisticated digital signature technology – through COVID-19 and beyond

Digital contract execution is a requirement for the workflow of legal practices, says Tara Vasdani

Pilot project tests virtual meeting platform

A virtual practice is an appealing alternative for lawyers that appeals to clients, too, argues Tara Vasdani

AI legal research tools save money, time and judges’ emnity

Artificial intelligence has been a popular topic for the past several years and for good reason. Having machines capable of imitating human behaviour and adding dimension to their thinking impacts how we all live, work and deliver client service.

Legal issues affecting digital nomads

If you’re anything like me, you have wanderlust. You seek warmer destinations in obscure places. You dream of mountains, turquoise coastlines and anything as far away from winter as possible. You live to travel — you don’t travel to live. And the technologies surrounding you make up your workplace.

The rights of foreign-trained workers just got stronger

When a young and enthusiastic international medical school graduate student arrives in Canada, they are largely unprepared for what lies ahead.

How to use Google’s ‘My Activity’ to your advantage in litigation

A few weeks ago, I discovered Google’s My Activity system — not only its ability to intrude on your personal privacy by tracking your movements and thoughts on any given day but its utility to my legal practice and the endless possibilities for lawyers like me with respect to the information stored on an individual.