Ted Flett

Ted Flett

Ted Flett became a sole practitioner in the fall of 2018, practicing employment law, wills and estates and civil litigation. He went solo after his first year of practice at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP where he did civil litigation and advisory work for a telecommunications client. Ted graduated as valedictorian from the University of New Brunswick’s law school where he chaired OUTLaw. Prior to law, he worked in public relations and marketing in the public sector. His column, Solo So Soon, documents the observations of a junior sole practitioner. Ted can be reached by email [ted@tedflettlaw.com] or visit www.tedflettlaw.com

Balancing non-billable commitments: What juniors should look for and when

At a recent fireside chat hosted by The Advocates’ Society for young lawyers, I gained an insight at just the right time.

The importance of friendships with non-lawyers

I have come to learn to keep your legal friends close but your non-legal friends even closer. The rule seems especially sensible for junior sole practitioners, but it’s perhaps a lesson for all lawyers.

Sweating over goal setting - How to plan for your future

I have an admission. As ambitious as I think I am, I have cringed at times throughout my life when I am asked: “Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years? Ten Years?”

The junior sole practitioner is not a mere blip in the profession

The life of a sole practitioner caught my interest during the first year of my litigation practice on Bay Street. As I came across a range of opposing and co-counsel, many were self-employed, driven, confident, relaxed and they impressed me.