DivorceMate founder Mark Harris on what he envisions as the next great legal tech software company

The best technology helps lawyers be more productive, innovative, competitive, and profitable

DivorceMate founder Mark Harris on what he envisions as the next great legal tech software company

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The story behind DivorceMate

When Mark started DivorceMate Software in 1987, he knew that it would change the practice of family law in Canada forever. He instinctively felt that the software would become an important analytical and productivity tool for family law specialists to use as they solved new, and ever more intricate, family law problems. He believed that software built specifically for the family law profession would help lawyers be more productive, more innovative, more competitive, and more profitable, while ensuring they receive positive enjoyment from their practice. He knew that if he created a company that treated customers the way he wanted to be treated, it would flourish. Mark had the passion, vision, and experience to create a successful legal tech software company.

When Mark met Jordan Atin in 2019, he was struck by a feeling of déjà vu. “When I met Jordy he was bursting with that special passion,” says Mark. Along with his partner, Ian Hull, Jordan saw unlimited potential in creating something that would change the way that lawyers collected information and created clients’ wills. The practice of wills and estates, like family law, was becoming increasingly complex; inadequate investigation and tax and legal errors were becoming all too common. Jordan and Ian were ready to change the old way of practicing wills and estates forever.

What makes a law firm successful?

What is it that makes one law firm “better” or more “successful” than the next? Mark believes that an important aspect is how the client feels during the engagement experience with the lawyer. Does the client feel cared for and confident that their lawyer understands their situation and will solve their problem? Is the lawyer being as comprehensive and thorough as possible? Is the lawyer attending to the client’s needs and communicating in a timely manner?

With the growing competition between firms these days, the key to long-term success is providing great service for a reasonable cost while solving people’s problems in a timely and communicative manner. This perfect combination is what creates an everlasting bond between the lawyer and the client.

To achieve this combination, Mark believes that adopting the right technology is essential - and that’s where he drew a parallel between DivorceMate and eState Planner, Jordan and Ian’s software. They were both built to address growing challenges and help lawyers with their practice.

How technology can help estate lawyers

The right solution will help clients build that bond with their lawyers and their practice.

Ensure the client feels understood

How can technology enhance the lawyer/client experience? eState Planner does so by putting the lawyer and the client face-to-face during the initial information-gathering phase.

Be comprehensive

The software provides a checklist for the lawyer and client to work through, ensuring that nothing is missed during this comprehensive investigation phase.

Does the lawyer know the best ways to reduce probate fees and income tax on their client’s estate? eState Planner analyzes the client’s data and produces reminders, alerts, and suggestions for planning and tax-saving opportunities.

Increase efficiency and improve communication

eState Planner even visually illustrates the desired division of family assets, making it easier for clients to follow. The finished product is a complete will with POA’s and reporting letters based on the client’s specific facts and circumstances using current and professionally drafted Hull & Hull precedents.

Making estate planning better, one firm at a time

Is change truly underway? Mark believes it is.

“I believe that eState Planner is ahead of its time and will lead a wills and estates profession that hasn’t changed in 300 years into the very real world of cloud-based legal tech magic.”

eState Planner, an award-winning software used by 400+ firms, streamlines the estate planning and will drafting process for lawyers and their clients. Learn more by visiting https://www.e-stateplanner.com.

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