Daniel Lo

Daniel Lo

Daniel Lo is a funds and corporate associate at an international offshore law firm in Singapore, previously having worked in-house in Hong Kong and private practice in Canada. He is a co-founder of Global Lawyers of Canada and is a supporter of diversity in the legal profession. Daniel believes that millennial lawyers should be focusing on crafting a unique career narrative by developing a global outlook, technology acumen and purposeful marketing strategies. He will be sharing his perspectives as a Canadian lawyer working overseas and can be reached via Linkedin.

Adopting an infinite mindset will benefit law firms and lawyers

Much of a lawyer’s stress and anxiety comes from finite thinking, argues Daniel Lo

Millennial lawyers look for the value proposition

Millennial lawyers look for the value proposition

Law firms would do well to identify the “why” of their practices in order to attract and keep young lawyers, argues Daniel Lo

Becoming a techno-lawyer can you set you apart

Becoming a techno-lawyer can you set you apart

Today, technological competency is an ideal addition to a lawyer’s skillset, says Daniel Lo

I worked in-house and private practice, here are the differences

Whether you decide to go in-house at the junior end of your legal career is a calculated and personal decision. I was fortunate to have experienced private practice and in-house roles as a junior lawyer. Each has its own benefits and will require different skillsets to do well.

Networking can help young lawyers absorb the coming recession

It has been a decade since the world experienced what is considered the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. Since then, the global economy has been slow to recover, not helped by the 2014 oil crisis, the rise of populist politics and trade wars. There are now warning signs that we are headed towards another recession, as early as next year. Millennials, are you ready?

Seven things all lawyers moving overseas need to know

There are a few things I have learned along the way that I would like to share and hopefully will help other lawyers looking to make a similar international journey.

Career development lessons from the Fyre Festival

By now, you may have been following the saga of the mega-disaster music festival that defrauded investors by the millions, stranded hundreds of festival-goers on a Bahamian island and culminated in the imprisonment of the 27-year-old founder and CEO, Billy McFarland.

How to advance your career in 2019

Most of us probably fell short of where we wanted to be. This year do yourself a favour and adopt a resolution of building a stronger personal brand. This is one resolution that I continually build on. You should too.

What your personality type says about you as a lawyer

I am not saying that a personality test can solve all your concerns. However, it may allow you to understand how to react and adjust to different situations and people based on your personality.

When trying to progress in your legal career, fake it till you make it

With the disruption of technology and the competitive legal industry demanding more of its ranks, a lawyer today, more than ever, needs to be a jack of all trades, a technology guru, all while providing business and risk advice.