Mitchell Rose

Mitchell Rose

Mitchell Rose is a mediator, settlement counsel and occasional satirist with Rose Dispute Resolution in Toronto. He believes that humour is an effective tool for resolving conflict. He can be reached at [email protected].

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First, the good news: This article is not about Ontario’s Bill 148 or minimum wage. Now, the bad news: This is the fourth article I have written for this publication within the last year and a half about the uncertainty and lack of predictability in drafting and interpreting termination without cause provisions in employment contracts. This is due to seemingly conflicting (or hard-to-decipher) decisions from the Court of Appeal for Ontario over that time.

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While recent court decisions mean we know more about termination clauses than we did one year ago, a year is a lifetime in employment law. Make peace with change and its constant co-workers: uncertainty and insecurity.

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You say you want a resolution? A mediator reflects and regrets

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