Top 10 corporate boutiques for 2024–25 revealed by Canadian Lawyer

Canada's top corporate law firms advise on M&A, securities, transactions, business law matters

Top 10 corporate boutiques for 2024–25 revealed by Canadian Lawyer

This year, Canadian Lawyer’s top 10 corporate law boutiques have been repeatedly recognized nationwide for their exceptional legal expertise, deep industry knowledge, high-quality legal services, and willingness to go above and beyond to help their clients achieve their goals.

Canadian businesses have faced an onslaught of challenges this past year. Despite these difficulties, the leading corporate law firms have excelled among a pool of 33 nominees, thanks to their varying legal specialties and innovative solutions in M&A, securities, transactions, business law, and entertainment law.

SkyLaw PC, one of the winning firms, focuses on domestic and cross-border M&A, corporate reorganizations, joint ventures, and early-stage companies. It offers entity management services and transactional work to thousands of companies, limited partnerships, and other entities in Canada and beyond.

The firm is competent, reliable, and cost-effective. It maintains a personal touch and a client-centric approach, as well as high work, service, and client satisfaction standards. It stands out for its overall excellence, its corporate services bench strength, and the high calibre of its lawyers and leadership.

With its detailed hiring process, the firm has added law clerks and keeps a roster of team members who have been working together for almost a decade and other talented professionals who approach matters with deep thought across legal and business issues.

“We’re protective of our incredible team dynamic and careful about who we add to the mix,” says Andrea Hill, a lawyer with SkyLaw who advises clients on their business transactions. “We meet in person frequently as a team to review every active matter to support clients and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.”

The firm strives to help its clients grow and realize their goals. It goes the extra mile by conducting on-site visits to clients’ businesses and by facilitating personalized, relationship-building experiences like puppy yoga and dirt biking.

“We’ll bring our laptops to the client’s business and draw up agreements at their desk,” Hill tells Canadian Lawyer. “We approach each meeting with a written agenda, so we keep discussions efficient as we try to move the deal toward the successful closing.”

The firm differentiates itself amid the competitive marketplace through its 360-degree view of its clients and its delivery of most services in real-time.

“Fundamentally, we take no one and no work for granted,” Hill adds. “Every opportunity is a gift. We are respectful of our clients’ time and tailor our work and style to the way they prefer to engage with us.”

The firm is committed to keeping abreast with new developments and industry trends. Members of its legal staff blog extensively on key topics relevant to their work.

“We love what we do, and it shows,” Hill says. “We’re at the top of the list among our network for referrals.”

Apart from SkyLaw PC, the other winning firms are Allen McDonald Swartz LLP, DuMoulin Black LLP, Forooghian + Company Law Corporation, Hansell LLP, LaBarge Weinstein LLP, MEP Business Counsel, Mogan Daniels Slager LLP, Peterson McVicar LLP, and Wildeboer Dellelce LLP.

Canadian Lawyer congratulates the top 10 corporate law boutiques for 2024–25. See more information about the winners.

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